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I’m one of the founders of RubyNation, a technical conference for the Ruby programming language. Each year we solicit sponsors to help us make the conference happen. Code Sherpas, a local consulting firm, is responsible for creating my favorite advertisement, which appeared in the 2010 Conference Program.

Alien Invasion, compliments of Code Sherpas

The Ruby code that appears in the ad is hilarious in a “We just saw District 9 and we really liked it” way. If the graphic above is too small for you to make out the code, I’ve provided the code below:

   class EarthInvasionPlan
     include StonePath

     stoneplace_workitem do
       owned_by :extraterrestrials
       tasked_through :missions
       initial_state: :hover_over_capitol_cities
       state :awaiting_earths_surrender
       state :warned, :entry_guard => :earth_resisting?
       state :stupid_human_resilience
       state :victory, :entry_guard => :earth_defeated?

   class DemandSurender << Mission
     include StonePath

     stone_path_task do
       initial_state :demand_surrender
       state :ignore_surrender_death_to_all
       state :accepted
       state :rejected

And here's the summary text from the bottom of the ad:

Ruby Developers across the universe are using the StonePath gem to implement workflows. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Apart from futile attempts at planetary invasion, the StonePath workflow engine has been used in applications for the U.S. State Department and local public school systems. How can StonePath help your application streamline business processes, improving standardization and efficiency?

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    LOL, I saw your blog post today. Too funny! I forgot how much I like that ad too. :) ~Karen

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