A Little Inspiration: Lucky Strike

This is my vision of what it would be like to stake a claim on an asteroid.

A Lucky Strike!

Since the asteroid is so small, it would have to be rich in rare elements for it to be a significant claim.

A fundamental aspect of a lot of stories set in the asteroid belt is that, by law, asteroids must be claimed in person. So, no automated land grabs by big corporations. This rule basically levels the playing field, so we can have the asteroid prospectors we’re all so fond of in SF.

To make a claim, you have to visit an asteroid, survey it (take measurements, core samples, pictures, etc.), set a marker beacon so other miners will know the asteroid has been claimed, and then get back to register the claim.

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Jupiter Moon

Jupiter Moon - A 1990 space-based soap operaJust discovered an old British television show called Jupiter Moon on Hulu. Naturally, I’m interested in learning more about any space-oriented show I can find.

This one dates back to 1990 and apparently ran for 150 episodes, with each episode being 30 minutes long. The basic concept was that an old spaceship called the Ilea has been left in Jupiter orbit and been re-purposed as a college.

What can I say? I watched the first episode…and that’s 30 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Appallingly bad. Terrible writing, bad acting and no real “space” feel to it at all. Very obviously an extremely low-budget production.

Interestingly, it was set up as a soap opera, with episodes appearing three times a week for most of 1990. Wikipedia has more information about the show.

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Film Review: The Thirteenth Floor

This is an iconic promotional image from the 1999 sci-fi thriller, “The Thirteenth Floor.”

The movie starred Craig Bierko and Gretchen Mol and was only moderately successfully at the box office. It’s a relatively slow-paced mystery involving virtual worlds and murder. The two leads are effective and engaging in their roles and the movie is lavishly and elegantly filmed. It’s got its flaws but, together with “The Matrix” from the Wachowski brothers, it’s one of the best treatments of virtual worlds to ever come out of Hollywood.

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