Live Concert With Collective Soul

I got to see alt-rock band Collective Soul in Atlanta for free last night. They’re a nationally known band, with seven mainstream rock #1 hits. Even better, they proved that they’re a great live band, making the most out of their capability to interact with the audience in a small venue.

Where was this? Well, there’s a longer story attached to this concert extravaganza. In my day job, I’m a web architect for a government contractor. In fact, I even blog on career-related technical subjects at One of the big conferences that my company exhibits at is the GFIRST Cyber Security Conference hosted by the Department of Homeland Security.

I was in Atlanta because I was speaking at this conference. One of the big sponsors of the conference was RSA, the company that makes those ubiquitous ID tokens used by many government organizations and security-conscious firms. The tokens provide 6-digit auto-generated numbers that change every 30 seconds, and can be leveraged to provide additional security beyond just a simple login-with-password scheme.

RSA desperately wants the goodwill of said organizations, so it throws lavish parties at conferences that are heavily attended by potential customers. This is particularly true given that they had a severe security breach about a year or so ago.

Their August 22nd party was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, GA, which they rented out in its entirety. The event was open to all attendees of the GFIRST 2012 Conference. It was, indeed, an event to remember.

They had all the food you could possibly eat, from salads to juicy slices of beef carved right off a full roast. They had all the beer you could drink, from 6:00 PM to almost 1:30 AM (even though the party was supposed to end at 11:00 PM).

They had rock music. They had dancing. They had a photographer there to take your picture with different (amusing) props.

And let’s not forget the live concert with Collective Soul. I got to see them play from roughly 10 feet away. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Rock on, RSA!

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