Television Interviewer

I recently had the chance to be an interviewer during a segment of the television show, Mastering Business Communications. The show is run by Toastmasters District 29 in northern Virginia, and appears on Comcast Channel 28 in that area. It’s taped monthly at the Comcast Studio in Herndon, VA.

I was impressed with how efficiently the show was managed. We managed to tape a fairly complicated show with a number of diverse segments in just a few short hours. The studio was awesome — truly a professional, working studio. I was also very pleased with the show’s production values, including the lighting, the deft camera work, and the top-notch editing.

Overall, my second bout at being a television interviewer was a smashing success (as an aside, my first interviewer role was with Arlington Independent Media in 2010). Everybody involved with the production had a lot of fun (and then we went out drinking).

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