Keenersaurus: My New Twitter Handle for Fiction

I just created a new Twitter account, @keenersaurus, for my speculative fiction. I felt that my fiction warranted a different Twitter handle than my technical alter-ego (you know, the version of me with the day job that actually pays the bills), who tweets about Internet technologies.

I put a couple of tweets out there using @keenersaurus, retweeted a couple of interesting things, and soon found that I had gained my first follower — Gail Carriger, author of the New York Times best-selling Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School series. This was pretty cool, so I decided it warranted a plug for her books, which are actually quite good.

Parasol Protectorate Series - By Gail Carriger

For the 5-book Parasol Protectorate series, imagine a steampunk London with vampires, werewolves, dirigibles, tea, and all sorts of nefarious factions plotting mayhem. Mix in Alexia Tarabotti, a spinster with: 1) little hope of ever securing a good marriage, 2) impeccable manners, 3) a trusty and unusual parasol, and 4) a streak of stubbornness destined to land her in all sorts of trouble. The books are good fun. Highly recommended.

Oh yeah, by the way… Would you like to follow me on Twitter at @keenersaurus?

Editorial Note: One of my friends asked me, “Why did you pick keenersaurus for a Twitter handle?” Well, I couldn’t get my name as a Twitter handle. I could have chosen some variation of my name, but that seemed counter-productive. There’d be multiple Twitter handles out there like mine, only slightly different — not good for branding.

I decided that I needed something different for my handle, something that clearly referenced me in some way, but was memorable. A handle that might spark a conversation (like this one, actually).

As a child, I developed a passion for dinosaurs, which I never outgrew (my wife would say it’s because I never grew up). I liked the sound of keenersaurus. I thought it sounded memorable. It also instantly spawned ideas (which I’ll be implementing soon) on how to use it in unique and interesting ways. So that’s why I chose it.

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