Orphan Black – A Clone is Never Alone

Orphan Black, Season 1 I just binged on Orphan Black (Season 1 – 10 episodes), an awesome TV show about a streetwise hustler who discovers that she’s one of an unknown number of clones.

Who’s behind this experiment? What do they want? Who’s watching them? Who’s trying to kill them? Excellent use of a science fiction premise for a very down-to-earth thriller with lots of twists and turns. Highly recommended!

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    It’s worth noting the episode 6 of the show’s 10-episode season, “Variations Under Domestication,” was nominated for the Hugo Award for “Best Media, Short Form.” I think it’s going to get my vote when it comes to vote at the London Worldcon.

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    Dave, my wife and I love this show as well. It captured our attention from the first episode and we’ve remained intrigued with how the story is unfolding and where it’s going. We’ll keep watching for sure!

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