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Mark TwainI’ve been asked to run a workshop on public speaking at Capclave 2014. I’ve incorporated a Mark Twain theme to the workshop, since he was a great writer, a world-renowned public speaker and an early science fiction writer (thanks to his A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court). I thought I’d reveal the official description of the workshop:

Title: Public Speaking for Writers
Panelist: David Keener

Description: David Keener, an experienced public speaker, conference organizer and writer, will lead a workshop on public speaking for writers. In today’s publishing world, simply writing a story isn’t enough – you also need to get up in front of an audience and promote yourself. In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques to be a dynamic speaker. You’ll learn how to apply these techniques to be an effective panelist at conventions, whether as a moderator or as a participant. You’ll also learn to describe your fiction in succinct sound bites designed to intrigue potential readers.

You’ve seen it all done wrong – find out how to do it right.

Limited: 16 participants.
Duration: 2 hours

FYI. I’ve worked out the design of the workshop, which will be pretty cool for the participants, I think. I’ve validated the workshop design and timing with some of my Toastmasters friends, including professional speakers and educators. And I’ve begun working on the accompanying PowerPoint slides for the instructional parts of the workshop. The workshop will consist of three instructional sections, one short writing session, one collaborative session and two public speaking exercises (including a mock panel for each group).

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    I ended up with 9 people in the workshop. Since it was held towards the end of the day on Sunday, the last day of the convention, I wasn’t expecting it to be full. Anyway, I think all of the attendees had a great time, and learned some interesting things as well.

    I was particularly pleased that Tom Doyle, best-selling author of American Craftsmen, was one of my workshop attendees. He had this to say after the event: “This should be a required course for all would-be convention panelists. Very helpful for those new to pitching their novels in person as well.”

    And from writer Donna Royston: “Thanks again for a great workshop, David. It was the most fun of any session I attended at Capclave, and very helpful in terms of writer’s craft.”

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