A Working Lunch With David Tatum

The Kitsune Strategy by David A. TatumI’m meeting with David Tatum tomorrow. He’s a local writer from the Washington DC metropolitan area who happens to live near me. We first “met” online when he commented on a blog entry of mine that had been highlighted on The Passive Voice, a heavily trafficked clearinghouse for online content related to indie publishing.

Since then, our conversation, if you will, has continued on Facebook, plus we both continue to participate (him more than me) on The Passive Voice. I’ve also been priviliged to observe as he’s launched his indie publishing career, something at which he has been quite successful.

We have similar strategies when it comes to indie publishing, although Tatum’s a good bit further down the path than me. He’s published two novels and a novella within the past year, all with very nice, professional-looking covers.

For myself, I have one novelette just about ready to go to my beta readers and another one wending its way past my Sunday writing group, which means that it’ll be heading to my beta readers within the next month. I’ve got a third story, a novella, that’s going through my Saturday writing group, and will probably make it to my beta readers in December.

In Treachery Forged by David A. TatumMy pipeline of stories is going full-steam; I’m up to about 4000 words of polished writing every week. So I’m really at the stage where I need to worry about covers and formatting ebooks. With a guy like David Tatum living near me, someone who’s done both very successfully, it seemed natural to ask him for advice.

Not being shy, I invited him to lunch (or dinner), and offered to pay. So we’re meeting at a local sushi restaurant tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a good meal and a fun discussion with someone who’s working as hard as I am to make indie publishing work for him.

As a bonus, it turns out that he has some print copies of his latest novel, The Kitsune Stratagem, with slightly misaligned covers. So he’s giving me (as well as some other online volunteers) one of the copies in exchange for a fair and honest review on Amazon.

A free book, some good conversation between writers, a little advice on indie publishing and a fine meal. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me.

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    Here’s the epub to mobi converter I was telling you about at lunch today:


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