Reviewing “Other Space”

So, Yahoo has created a new scripted SF comedy series called “Other Space.” I thought I’d just try it out and see what it was like. OMG, it was awful.

No, beyond awful. It was worse than a simultaneous 24-hour, max-volume marathon of “Bonanza” and “Little House on the Prairie.” I’d rather have my nails pulled out than ever watch another one of their episodes. I’m even going to deviate from most reviews by not even telling you about the plot. It’s not even worth your time to know any more about this show than, well, just don’t waste your time on it.

And, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, will somebody please, please, please teach those morons in Hollywood what a parsec is. “Unidentified object coming toward us at 1000 parsecs…” And it’s VISIBLE on the bridge’s screen.

A parsec is 3.26 light years, so based on what they SAID in Episode 1, the object was 3260 light years away. Which is like, pffft, don’t even worry about it in your lifetime.

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