Creating An Adaptive Setting: Slides Available

The slides for my workshop, Creating an Adaptive Setting, from Capclave 2015 are now available online at Slideshare, which is where I host most of my public presentations and workshops.

For those who may not have seen my various advertisements for the workshop, here’s the general description:

Creating an Adaptive Setting

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve noticed that a lot of authors are making money with series. But crafting a series is hard, and it’s a subject that’s not covered in most writing manuals. Come learn a set of steps for creating a coherent, consistent and connected background to support multiple stories leveraging the same setting, primary characters and supporting characters. Give your series the foundation it needs to become what you want it to be.

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Authors, Uncommon Threads

Here’s the author photo group shot for the SF anthology, Uncommon Threads (the photo appears on the back cover of the book). Taken outside the cafe where our writing group meets. I’m sure the other customers throughout we were crazy, but…so what?

The Authors of the "Uncommon Threads" Anthology

Back Row (left to right): Asher Roth, Elizabeth Wright Hayes, Alec Mielke, Katharine Reed, Bill Krieger, David Keener.

Front Row (left to right): Bill Aguilar, John Dwight, Shea C. Megale, Jeremy Holloway and Donna Royston.

Of course, since this picture was taken, the cafe’s owner declined to continue with his franchise, so the place is now called Joey’s Corner Cafe.

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Torment Inflicted at Capclave 2015

This is me looking on as the attendees of my workshop, “Creating an Adaptive Setting,” work diligently on Exercise 3 of the workshop, October 10th at Capclave 2015. It’s always fun watching a group of people learning new skills and stretching writing muscles they didn’t even know that they had. It’s even more fun when you know that this is only the first hour of the two-hour workshop and there’s a serious left hook at the end that’s going to blow their minds.

Watching the Workshop Attendees

Photography: Martin Wilsey, author and workshop attendee.

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