Upcoming: Road Trip

My latest story is a novelette called “Road Trip,” which will be appearing in the upcoming anthology, Reliquary, edited by S. C. Megale, Donna Royston and myself.

Here’s a preview of the story:

It’s 2003 and Rocco Fitch is a down-and-out disabled veteran of the War Against Terror, having been severely injured by an IED in Afghanistan. Since his return, his wife has left him (taking his daughter with her), he can’t get a job, unemployment payments have run out, his car’s been repossessed, the bank wants to foreclose on his house and life just isn’t working out well in general

Then some beggar tries to sell him a road. Sensing that the beggar is a war vet like himself, Rocco buys the road from him for all the money he has left: $3.37.

At first, Rocco thinks the sale is just a strange way for the beggar to talk himself into accepting a handout from a fellow vet. But then he wakes up the next morning with a road, a magical road, crossing his backyard. A road that nobody else can see…

Besides the mysterious road that he now owns, the one bright spot in his life is his unlikely friend, his neighbor Sammie, an aging black rogue with a diabolical sense of humor, a foul mouth, friends in low places and a rather piratical way of looking at the world.

Between the two of them, they might just be able to set Rocco’s life on a new and different path.

It’s intended to be the first of a series of novelettes that I’m calling RoadWerks, LLC. If all goes well, the anthology should be coming out at the end of May, 2016, in both ebook and print. The story will be separately available for purchase on Amazon in January, 2016.

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    For people who care about such things, most of my stories are built around a single sentence that summarizes the story. That one-line concept statement for this story is:

    When Rocco Fitch humors a homeless beggar by buying a road from him, he soon discovers that the road is both magical and real, and it will change his life.

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