Raw Cover Image for “Bitter Days”

Towers - By Martina Stipan

Here’s a preview of the artwork, called “Towers,” that I’ve licensed for use as the cover of my upcoming book, Bitter Days, due to be published in late October. It’s by Martina Stipan, an artist in Croatia that I found on Deviant Art. When I first spotted the picture, I thought it would make a great wraparound cover for a fantasy story about a poor homeless girl growing up on the streets of a gritty port city.

As is often the case with licensed art, it’s not quite a perfect fit for the story, so some alterations will be needed. The most obvious one is the elimination of some electrical wires, since my story is set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy setting.

Still, I thought folks would appreciate this preview.

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  1. Brent A Warner
    Posted September 30, 2018 at 10:12 PM | Permalink

    Just finished reading the last copy of “The Good Book”, and wanted to help it find a bigger audience by suggesting some revised title ideas.
    “How the Magic Book Found Malcolm {(and What Happened Next”) or (and What They Did Together”)}

    “The Magic Book and Its Human” or, if you think that’s too reminiscent of “The Horse and His Boy”, “The Magic Book and Its Fairy Godpersons”.

    For the cover, perhaps hands holding a book open to show one of its early conversations, including perhaps “This is not a joke. I’m a magic book. Get over it already.”

    Anyway, hope these suggestions help.



    • Posted October 3, 2018 at 9:21 AM | Permalink

      Hi Brent,

      Thanks for your ideas. Much appreciated. And thank you for buying the book at Capclave 2018 in Rockville, MD.

      It’s also obvious to me that you enjoyed it, or you wouldn’t be striving to help me market the story more effectively. And that’s pretty heartening, too.

      — Dave —

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