Hourlings at Work

The Hourlings
Hourlings At WorkThe members of the Hourlings (also known as the Loudoun County Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group on Meetup), are responsible for putting out a dizzying amount of indie-published fiction. See the list below (within each sub-section, stories are listed in descending order by date).

Hourlings Anthologies

The Curator (Vol 3, Release: May 2018)
Tranquility and Other Myths (Vol 1, 2nd edition, Apr 2017, 274pp)
Reliquary (Vol 2, Jan 2017, 314pp)
Uncommon Threads (Vol 1, 1st edition, Jun 2015, 222pp, Deprecated)

Other Anthologies Edited by Hourlings Members

Whispers of the Apoc (Zombie Anthology, Jan 2018, 408pp)
Worlds Enough 1: Fantastic Defenders (Fantasy Anthology, May 2017, 346pp)

Aguiar, Bill  

“Overwhelming Performance” (Short Story in Shadowrun: Drawing Destiny, Sep 2016, 14pp)
Shadowrun: Seattle 2072 (Gaming Supplement, Nov 2009, 200pp)

Berman-Gorvine, Martin Website / BlogAmazon Author PageFacebookTwitter


Monsters of Venus (Sequel to Seven Against Mars, May 2017, 174pp)
All Souls Day (Feb 2016, 412pp)
Heroes of Earth (May 2015, 350pp)
Ziona: A Novel of Alternate History (As Marty Armon, Aug 2014, 198pp)
Save the Dragon (Oct 2013, 253pp)
Seven Against Mars (Feb 2013, 242pp)
The Severed Wing (As Martin J. Gidron, Dec 2011, 224pp)
    — Winner: 2002 Sideways Award for Alternate History (Long Form)

Short Fiction

Portrait in Sunspots (As Marty Armon, Apr 2017, 22pp)

Dillon, TR Amazon Author Page


The Boy Who Unlocked the Universe (Vol 3 of The Hall of Brains, Nov 2015, 388pp)
The Boy Who Went to Earth (Vol 2 of The Hall of Brains, Mar 2015, 387pp)
The Hall of Brains (Vol 1 of The Hall of Brains, Mar 2015, 356pp)

Short Fiction

Mr. Baley (Novella, Aug 2017, 114pp)
Burn Boy and Other Stories (Collection, Dec 2016, 123pp)
Five Stories (Collection, Sep 2016, 119pp)
Whence (Novelette, Jun 2016, 87pp)
Pure Attentions (Novelette, Dec 2015, 67pp)

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Short Fiction

The Fallen Warlord (Novelette, Vol 1 of The Fallen Warlord, Jul 2017, 65pp)
The Battle for Stone Bridge (Short Story, Vol 2 of The Fallen Warlord, Apr 2017, 28pp)


How to Write Faster (Jan 2016, 173pp)
Beginner Python (Apr 2015, 186pp)


Uvatha the Horseman (Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction)
Fanfiction.net -> Uvatha the Horseman (Lots of Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction)

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“The Unstoppable Annihilation” (Short Story in Bleed, May 2013, 12pp)

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The Whispering Voice (Short Story in Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar, Release: Aug 2018)
Road Trip (Novelette, Release: Sep 2018, 67pp + Extras)
Bitter Days (Novelette, Release: Aug 2018, 80pp + Extras)
The Rooftop Game (Novelette, Release: Jun 2018, 92pp + Extras)
The Good Book (Novelette, May 2017, 56pp)

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Synthetic Salvation (Sequel to Recalled to Duty, Oct 2015, 396pp)
Recalled to Duty (May 2014, 273pp)

Megale, Shea Website / BlogAmazon Author PageFacebook

Shooting Cole Stone (Release: Fall 2018, from Macmillan/St. Martin’s Press)

Moore, George G. Website / BlogAmazon Author PageFacebook

The Music of Mars (Jan 2018, 302pp)

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Solstice Chronicles (Collection, Apr 2012, 154pp)

Rue, Erica Amazon Author PageFacebook

The Kepos Problem (May 2018, 340pp)

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Virtues of the Vicious (Jul 2017, 358pp)
Blood of the Scarecrow (Vol 3 of the Solstice 31 Saga, Jul 2016, 340pp)
The Broken Cage (Vol 2 of the Solstice 31 Saga, Sep 2015, 336pp)
Still Falling (Vol 1 of the Solstice 31 Saga, Mar 2015, 406pp)

Short Fiction

Oklahoma Salvage (Short Story in Solstice 31 universe, Dec 2015, 32pp)
Injuring Eternity (Short Story in Solstice 31 universe, Oct 2015, 15pp)
The Black Pod (Short Story in Solstice 31 universe, Sep 2015, 28pp)
Kill Valerie Hume (Short Story in Solstice 31 universe, Jul 2015, 11pp)
The Outer Ring (Short Story in Solstice 31 universe, Jun 2015, 17pp, FREE)

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Madison Mosby and the Rose Widow (Feb 2017, 373pp)
Fortress Pentagon (Novelette, Aug 2012, 61pp)
The G Crisis (Aug 2012, 324pp)
Tanked (Indie Comic Book, Apr 2012, 31pp)