Selling Books with Tannhauser Press

Selling Books at Capclave 2018

October 3, 2018 dkeener 0

I’m standing with Martin Wilsey, the proprietor of Tannhauser Press at Capclave 2018. We had a nicely successful weekend selling books, with seventeen products on sale (and Square for taking credit card payments). Many thanks to all the people who stopped by our table, and especially to those who bought […]

Towers by Martina Stipan

Raw Cover for “Bitter Days”

September 27, 2018 dkeener 0

Here’s a preview of the artwork, called “Towers,” that I’ve licensed for use as the cover of my upcoming book, Bitter Days, due to be published in late October. It’s by Martina Stipan, an artist in Croatia that I found on Deviant Art. When I first spotted the picture, I […]

About the Writing Life

September 25, 2018 dkeener 1

In case anyone is curious what the life of a writer is like, especially an indie-published writer. In addition to the Day Job, and looking for a new Day Job since the old contract is ending, I’m doing the following stuff for the writing side of the house: Edits on […]

Capclave - DC Area SF Convention

My Capclave 2018 Schedule

September 23, 2018 dkeener 0

I’m proud to be on Programming for Capclave 2018, the DC area’s best SF/Fantasy literary convention. The event is being held in Rockville, MD from September 28 – 30. Here are the details of my schedule: Friday Afternoon Dealer’s Room Manning the table for Tannhauser Press and the Hourlings.   […]

Rooftop Chess

Published: The Rooftop Game

September 15, 2018 dkeener 0

My story, The Rooftop Game has just been published and is available on Amazon. It’s the first story in the Royal Defenders series, which is set in my Thousand Kingdoms universe. Here’s a description of the book:                                  Failure Is Not an Option Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the […]

Sottish Wedding Dinner

Author Chow: Sirloin of Beef

August 4, 2018 dkeener 0

This is the Scottish wedding dinner provided by my brother-in-law, Tommy Brady, and his lovely bride, Jacqueline Mckweown-Brady, at their wedding reception on June 30, 2018. Easily one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Scotland. Prepared by the Normandy Hotel, this is their sirloin of roast beef with […]

Martin Wilsey at Work

Hand-Selling Books, a Master’s Approach

July 5, 2018 dkeener 0

My friend and fellow author Martin Wilsey is a master at hand-selling his books. This is a picture of him at his table at an event called Manassas Reads. Let’s examine for a moment why he’s so good at selling books at events like this one. There are no other […]

The Ur-Bar

It’s Time for a “Second Round”

June 4, 2018 dkeener 0

My latest short story, “The Whispering Voice,” is being published in Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray. It’s about a mother, a deadly problem and a forgotten god (I was trying to channel a little bit of Neil Gaiman). The new anthology […]


Non-Superhero Comics: What’s Worth Reading?

May 30, 2018 dkeener 0

Every time you turn around, there’s another superhero movie playing at the local multiplex: Back Panther, Avengers, Thor, Deadpool, Justice League, etc. They’re all based on comic books. More specifically, superhero comic books. But…what if you’re not into superheroes? Or what if you like them just fine, but you’d like […]

Post-Apocalyptic Stories: What Comes After the End?

May 27, 2018 dkeener 0

Everybody loves a good apocalypse. And there are lots of post-apocalyptic stories that are worth your attention. For the “Post-Apocalpytic Fiction” panel at Balticon, I compiled a list of some of the most memorable books, and a few movies, that deal with the topic. I gave the list away as […]