Steven Brust

Steven Brust: All About Structure

December 18, 2020 dkeener 0

I’ve bought every book that Steven Brust has ever written. I’ve also been on a panel with him at a convention before…Balticon, I believe. He’s a popular writer, especially for his long-running Vlad Taltos fantasy series. But, to me, he’s also a writer’s writer. You see, every one of his […]

Hourlings Podcast E6: Creating Characters

Hourlings Podcast E6: Developing Characters (72m)

December 17, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 6 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (72 minutes) is now available on YouTube. Listen to my fellow writers and I discuss the in and outs of creating characters for your writing project, be it a short story, novelette, or a novel. This episode features: Martin Wilsey (Moderator) Jeffrey C. […]

Chess - Life and Death

Chess Quotes in “The Rooftop Game”

December 12, 2020 dkeener 0

My novelette, The Rooftop Game, features a life-and-death struggle for survival on the rooftop of a castle tower. When the castle is overrun by enemies bent on killing the king’s family, Royal Bodyguard Lydio Malik takes refuge on the roof of the castle’s tallest tower with the infant Princess Analisa. […]

Galaxy's Edge

Inspiration: Galaxy’s Edge

December 8, 2020 dkeener 0

This is a photograph of a mural I saw at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC a few years ago. It’s a if Earth were poised at the edge of the galaxy. Two people, perhaps a man and his son, stand next to their vehicle watching a […]

Hourlings Podcast E5: Happy Hourlings

Hourlings Podcast E5: Apocs, Santa, and Other Disasters (72m)

December 2, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 5 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (72 minutes) is now available. This was intentionally a free-form, Happy Hour event. A number of us had…ahem…adult beverages and, unlike our usual podcasts, we didn’t have a set agenda. So, we ended up talking about apocalypses, prepping for disasters, what we’re all […]

Beth Harmon vs. Spock in 3D Chess

Monday Mashup: Beth Harmon vs. Spock

November 30, 2020 dkeener 0

I love this mashup image of Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy from The Queen’s Gambit, locked in battle with the inimitable Mr. Spock, from Star Trek. I’m betting this is one match that Spock might not win. Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit yet, well, as far […]

Hourlings Podcast Episode 4: Marketing Madness

Hourlings Podcast E4: Marketing Madness (81m)

November 25, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 4 of the Hourlings Podcast Project is now available online. This episode is all about marketing books, with S. C. Megale providing input on marketing for the traditionally published path and the rest providing a view of what marketing is like in the indie-publishing world. Includes a candid discussion […]

Hourlings Podcast E3: Finding the Time

Hourlings Podcast E3: Finding the Time (62m)

November 22, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 3 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (62 minutes) is now available. The episode’s primary topic is “Finding the Time,” or more specifically, finding the time to write. We also talked about NANOWRIMO, plus books and shows that have inspired us. Attendees this week included: David Keener (moderator) Erica Rue […]

Steve Keener vs. Tree

Motorcycle vs. Tree

November 21, 2020 dkeener 0

So, this is a picture of my brother, Steve Keener, shortly after he crashed into a tree during one of his off-road runs (motorcycles are his thing). He took the picture himself once he caught his breath. He does this periodically, crashing into trees, to the point where I tease […]