Inspiration: Solar System Necklace

Solar System Necklace

Our inspiration this week is the “Solar System Necklace,” a real piece of jewelry from ThinkGeek that can bought for around 40 bucks. The Sun is on the left, followed by all of the planets. Even the Asteroid Belt is represented. I understand, although it’s not pictured, that there’s also an optional dangling comet that can be added to the necklace.

Now THIS is what I call fashion.

(Yes, yes, I know, Pluto isn’t officially a planet anymore…but the jewelry folks haven’t caught on yet, so let’s not burst their bubble).

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Inspiration: Galaxy’s Edge

From the Edge of the Galaxy This is a photo of a large mural that I saw displayed at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. It imagines what it would be like if Earth were actually outside the galaxy. It shows a couple of people leaning against what looks like a Model-T Ford, contemplating the awe-inspiring night-time view of the galaxy in the sky above them.

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