A Little Inspiration: Immersive User Interface

Talk about a comprehensive, immersive user interface. This is the user interface for the controls of the alien spaceship in the summer movie, Prometheus, from director Ridley Scott.

This sure is a far cry from the rather conventional controls we saw in the original Star Trek series. Think about the possibilities inherent in being surrounded by a three-dimensional holographic system of configurable controls. Or the havoc that could be caused by the uninitiated.

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Film Review: The Thirteenth Floor

This is an iconic promotional image from the 1999 sci-fi thriller, “The Thirteenth Floor.”

The movie starred Craig Bierko and Gretchen Mol and was only moderately successfully at the box office. It’s a relatively slow-paced mystery involving virtual worlds and murder. The two leads are effective and engaging in their roles and the movie is lavishly and elegantly filmed. It’s got its flaws but, together with “The Matrix” from the Wachowski brothers, it’s one of the best treatments of virtual worlds to ever come out of Hollywood.

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