New Time Travel Story

The Witness Paradox I’m working on a story for a new time travel anthology called The Witness Paradox. It’s edited by Martin Wilsey and will be published by Tannhauser Press.

My story features a teenager named Alex Nelson who is caught in a temporal vortex when a physics experiment at the nearby collider facility goes terribly wrong. It’s a story of narrow escapes, disaster, time travel and dinosaurs.

What more could you want?

Did I mention that it’s got dinosaurs?

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The Dinosaur Museum

LungingTrex I took some time off around Labor Day and did something I haven’t done in years. I visited the museums in downtown Washington DC. Yes, I know there’s lots of museums there, but the two that made my hit list were the National Air and Space Museum, which I described in a previous post, and the Museum of Natural History, which I sometimes affectionately refer to as “The Dinosaur Museum.”

Yes, I know the Museum of Natural History has a lot more than just dinosaurs. But for the little boy in me that never outgrew his “dinosaur phase,” it’s always going to be The Dinosaur Museum.

Who can forget the dark, looming Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that greets you as you enter the first gallery of the museum?

If you’re a budding science fiction writer, how can you not be enthralled with all of the different forms that life has taken throughout the history of our planet?

And that’s just the first gallery. Each gallery leads you to the next gallery, and the end result is like taking a stroll through history and seeing the unfolding of species. Evolution right before your eyes.

I could easily spend an entire day in the museum, but I only had about three hours, so I did my best to make them count. If you get to DC, I recommend this museum whole-heartedly, but make sure you allocate a whole day to it.

TRex Looming

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