Second Round of Proofs for “The Good Book”

The Good Book: A Novelette by David Keener I just ordered a second round of proofs for my new novelette, “The Good Book.” I fixed the (minor) problems that I found in the first draft, plus added in the changes from the second round of copyedits. Many thanks to Donna Royston for all her help. I should get the proofs by May 5th.

Since I’m pretty confident in this final edition, I ordered five proofs, which is the maximum. If all goes well, I’ll be publishing on or around May 5th and probably handing out the extra copies to some of my critique partners.

NOTE: As of May 12th, The Good Book is out! It’s available on Amazon in both ebook and print formats.

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The Good Book

Wooohooo! My novelette The Good Book is being published in May by Tannhauser Press, in both print and ebook formats. The full wraparound cover appears below:

The Good Book by David Keener

The print layout and ebook were done by Worlds Enough. The cover was done by Don Anderson, based on an unattributed, public domain photograph.

Note: (5/12/17) This book is now available on Amazon in both print and ebook formats.

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First Draft of The Good Book

First Draft of "The Good Book"Woohoo! I’ve finished the First Draft of my novelette, “The Good Book.” Many thanks to the Loudoun County Writers Group for helping me get through this difficult, emotionally charged story.

As a writer, sometimes you just have to go where the story takes you. In this case, the story took me deep into the realms of spirituality and magic realism, sometimes referred to as slipstream. As a science fiction and fantasy writer, this isn’t the usual neighborhood where I tend to ply my trade, but based on the reactions from my readers and critiquers, I believe I’ve crafted a compelling story.

Now, onto the second draft….


Malcolm Jameson is planning to throw himself off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and hands him a magic book. Unsurprisingly, the book has a considerably different plan for Malcolm. And a bad attitude.

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