Beth Harmon vs. Spock in 3D Chess

Monday Mashup: Beth Harmon vs. Spock

November 30, 2020 dkeener 0

I love this mashup image of Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy from The Queen’s Gambit, locked in battle with the inimitable Mr. Spock, from Star Trek. I’m betting this is one match that Spock might not win. Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit yet, well, as far […]

Star Wars and World War II

Monday MashUp: Star Wars and WWII

November 2, 2020 dkeener 0

I love “photos” like this. Here are some walkers from Star Wars in a World War II setting. I think it’s a cool picture, and it brings all sorts of story ideas to mind. In fact, it reminds me a bit of Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series, where aliens invaded Earth […]

Doc Savage vs. Terminator

Monday Mashup: Doc Savage vs. Terminator

November 12, 2017 dkeener 0

Today’s mashup is a fake book cover featuring the inimitable pulp hero, Doc Savage, vs. the Terminator, from the famous movie franchise. Doc Savage was featured in his own magazine in the 1930s and 1940s, a response to a similar magazine featuring the Shadow. All of the Doc Savage stories […]

Little Fuzzy

Monday Mashup: Little Fuzzy

September 11, 2017 dkeener 0

Today’s mashup is going to be a little different. The image is the excellent cover of the book, Little Fuzzy, by H. Beam Piper (the Kindle edition appears to be free). The cover is from a 1970’s reissue of the book; it was originally published in 1962. The illustration is […]

Buzz Lightyear Enters the Grid

Monday Mashup: Buzz Lightyear Enters the Grid

September 4, 2017 dkeener 0

What could be better than Buzz Lightyear, of Toy Story fame, entering the Tron universe? Heck, it’s even possible. Disney owns Pixar, which created the Toy Story movies, and Disney itself created the two Tron movies. This is one mashup that I’d certainly go see…

Godzilla vs. Titanic

Monday Mashup: Godzilla​ vs. Titanic

August 28, 2017 dkeener 0

OK, yes, I know, it’s probably not politically correct. But it was a long time ago. This picture purports to show the true cause behind the sinking of the Titanic way back in 1912. Clearly, the tragedy resulted from a collision between the Titanic and Godzilla.

Mashup: Arya vs. Brienne

Monday Mashup: Arya vs. Brienne, with Light Sabers

August 21, 2017 dkeener 0

Sometimes the most interesting things come from mixing together two “ingredients” that might otherwise seem an unlikely combination. So, here’s the fight between Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones…with light sabers. The entire scene is also available on YouTube. Search for it…you won’t be sorry.