Hourlings Podcast Project

Hourlings Podcast E2 – World-Building

November 11, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 2 of The Hourlings Podcast Project is now available. The attendees this time were: Martin Wilsey (moderator) David Keener S. C. Megale Stephanie Mirro Erica Rue Shelley Shearer We all got to share our thoughts on the Do’s and Don’ts of world-building. And had a lot of fun while we […]

Hourlings Podcast Project

Hourlings Podcast, Episode 1

November 9, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 1 of the Hourlings podcast is now available on YouTube, on Channel 137, with video featuring Martin Wilsey, S. C. Megale, Jeffrey Jacobs, and myself. This one was more of a general discussion about science fiction and fantasy. Why Channel 137 you ask? Well, the number 137 has some […]

Hourlings Podcast Project

New Podcast Project

November 1, 2020 dkeener 0

I’ve started working with Martin Wilsey on a new podcast project. It will be focused on the topic of writing and branded under the Hourlings writing group. We expect the podcast to adhere to the following basic format: Introductions Main Topic Secondary Topic (if time allows) What Inspires You? Wrap-Up […]