My First Rejection

My First Story Rejection A few weeks ago, I submitted my first story for potential publication. Today, I received my first story rejection. You might think that I’d feel bad about this but, strangely enough, I don’t.

Every writer goes through this. Even the best writers have been rejected. Stephen King himself has written about the tons of rejections that he received when he started out. It’s like a rite of passage, or something.

Plus, I have this theory about short stories anyway. They’re like jelly beans. They’re often too short to have anything but a single flavor. If you, or more importantly, the editor, don’t like that flavor, then the story doesn’t work. And when the story is humorous flash fiction, well, it’s doubly true, I think.

Submitting my first story was hard. It’s like you’ve dreamed about being a writer, and now you’re putting your stuff out there for the world to see. Getting my first rejection, ho hum. I’ve seen stuff published that’s far worse than my story, “Crossing the Chasm.” I also know that I haven’t written a Hugo-caliber story either. My judgement says it’s publishable, but not classic.

So, you do what writers throughout history have done. You send the story to the next market. And that’s what I’ve done. Plus I’ve got two more completed stories to send out.

Then you keep writing. You continue improving your craft. And you keep on sending out more stories.

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