The Threefold Revenge: Outline Completed

A Victory, of SortsWhew! I’ve finally finished the outline for “The Threefold Revenge,” which is Episode #2 of Pageeda’s story. I don’t have an official title for the serial, which I’m currently projecting to be five parts. However, it’s been considerably more difficult to write than I expected, mostly because the story I’ve chosen to tell is so complicated and intricate.

I was very happy with how the first episode, “Bitter Days,” turned out and originally expected the second episode to flow as smoothly as the first one. Alas, and despite originally outlining it, the second episode ground to a halt after three chapters. I was happy with the individual scenes I’d written, but not with the overall plot and pacing. Hence, the revised outline, which I believe has done a much better job of capturing the intertwining plot lines, the multiple character viewpoints and the steadily increasing stakes. It also sets up the following episodes much more effectively.

Not only have I finished the revised outline for the story, I’ve also sent it out to a couple of my alpha reviewers to get some outside perspectives on it. I can tell you, though, that Episode #2 is going to come out at about 34K words, compared to 19K words for Episode #1.

More details about “The Threefold Revenge” will be appearing soon, so stay tuned.

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“Bitter Days” Goes to Beta

Let the Beta Readers Begin!I just sent my latest story, “Bitter Days,” to my beta readers. Many thanks to those members of the Loudoun Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers who volunteered to be beta readers. The story is 14,500 words, so it’s solidly in novelette territory. It’s Episode 1 in the Pageeda & Scuffee serial, which I’m projecting to run for five episodes (for this first “season”). This series is, in turn, part of a larger canvas that I’m working on called The Thousand Kingdoms.

Here’s my elevator pitch for the story:

Somebody once said: “Our enemies define us.”

A young homeless girl, raised on the streets of a grim fantasy city by her older sister, vows revenge when her sister is seized by the Nazi-like religious cult that is steadily taking over the kingdom.

She’s so overmatched by her enemy, she has no choice but to become extraordinary. Anything less is unacceptable.

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