Finest Legacy Link Working Again

The Finest Legacy One of my beta readers pointed out that the Media section of my site had a bad link. Specifically, the link to the video, “The Finest Legacy,” on YouTube was broken. While the sound quality on this video isn’t the best, it’s one of my favorites. It’s about my Dad and the love of science fiction that he instilled in me. It was recorded at AOL in 2012.

I’m not sure what happened. But it looks like the YouTube links changed underneath me. I’ve corrected them, and they’re working again. So, go check out the video. Failing that, the transcript is also online.

Many thanks to Frances Holland for pointing out the problem to me.

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What’s Your Dream?

This is a picture of me taken yesterday at Comcast Studio in Reston, VA. About 5 seconds after this picture was taken, I delivered a 6-minute, one-take motivational speech called “What’s Your Dream?” for a segment of the television show, Mastering Business Communications.

David Keener at Comcast Studio

And I nailed it.


I only found out last Friday that I’d be doing the segment. I’d been listed as the tertiary backup, but both of the people in front of me got cold feet about appearing on television.

Unfortunately, my supremely busy schedule and the short notice made it difficult to find the time to write and then practice the speech. So I burned a vacation day at my day job, and took Wednesday off. I completed writing the speech by 10:00 AM. Then I practiced it 30 or 40 times that day. I got to the studio early, and practiced it twice in the actual studio &mash; once without an audience, and once with a couple of my friends watching me.

When it came time to do it on camera, I was ready.

The new episode of Mastering Business Communications will be televised in VA on both the Comcast and Verizon cable networks. It will appear on TV sometime next week, and is currently available on Vimeo (I’m at the 9:15 mark in the episode).

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