Preview: The Rooftop Game

November 17, 2018 dkeener 0

This is a preview of my story, “The Rooftop Game,” about a royal bodyguard who will go to any length to save the life of his charge, the infant Princess Analisa. It’s actually available in two places: Fantastic Defenders — An anthology of five long stories, including other great authors […]

Fantastic Defenders

Need Your Help to Promote “Fantastic Defenders”

November 16, 2018 dkeener 0

I need your help. My “Fantastic Defenders” anthology, containing five long fantasy stories about heroes defending against mystical threats, has been climbing the ranks at Amazon. As of last night, it was ranked 139 in the Fantasy Anthologies category. But WAIT! There’s more. Amazon has discounted the book by 65% […]

Fantastic Defenders

Hardcover Discussions

November 7, 2018 dkeener 0

Breaking news. I’m currently in discussions to do a hardcover of Fantastic Defenders, the anthology that I co-edited with Donna Royston. It’s a fantasy anthology about heroes fighting against fantastical threats. I’ll have more news as the situation develops.

The Curator - Anthology Cover

Coming Soon: The Curator

October 27, 2018 dkeener 0

Coming soon! The Curator, an anthology about…artwork? Yes. And featuring my new novella, “Clash by Night,” a semi-military SF story about a heist in a futuristic, war-ravaged Brazil. Here’s the text from the back cover of this new anthology… Who is the Curator? And why is the Curator’s body in […]

The Rooftop Game - Buy Now!

Failure Is Not an Option

October 20, 2018 dkeener 0

Failure…is not an option. Surrounded by enemies, Lydio Malik, the Royal Bodyguard to the infant Princess Analisa, will do ANYTHING to save the sole heir to the throne. Imagine “Die Hard, on the roof of a castle tower”…and you have the distilled essence of this action-packed story. In print and […]

Towers by Martina Stipan

Raw Cover for “Bitter Days”

September 27, 2018 dkeener 0

Here’s a preview of the artwork, called “Towers,” that I’ve licensed for use as the cover of my upcoming book, Bitter Days, due to be published in late October. It’s by Martina Stipan, an artist in Croatia that I found on Deviant Art. When I first spotted the picture, I […]

Rooftop Chess

Published: The Rooftop Game

September 15, 2018 dkeener 0

My story, The Rooftop Game has just been published and is available on Amazon. It’s the first story in the Royal Defenders series, which is set in my Thousand Kingdoms universe. Here’s a description of the book:                                  Failure Is Not an Option Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the […]

The Ur-Bar

It’s Time for a “Second Round”

June 4, 2018 dkeener 0

My latest short story, “The Whispering Voice,” is being published in Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray. It’s about a mother, a deadly problem and a forgotten god (I was trying to channel a little bit of Neil Gaiman). The new anthology […]

The Witness Paradox

New Time Travel Story

May 13, 2018 dkeener 0

I’m working on a story for a new time travel anthology called The Witness Paradox. It’s edited by Martin Wilsey and will be published by Tannhauser Press. My story features a teenager named Alex Nelson who is caught in a temporal vortex when a physics experiment at the nearby collider […]


Novelette Series: Entertaining, Fast and Just Enough Plot

January 6, 2018 dkeener 1

I’ve written about this before, about how I’ve always liked novelettes and, sometimes, their slightly longer cousin, the novella. The annual Hugo Awards for SF classify novelettes as stories between 7501 – 17,500 words (roughly 30 to 70 pages in a mass market paperback). Novellas run from 17,501 to 40,000 […]