Writing Assistants

March 3, 2021 dkeener 0

One of my favorite places to write is at the kitchen island. Of course, my assistants are almost always present to help with my writing. Molly is in the back; she’s an Assistant Editor for my books. However, from time to time, she has been known to accidentally nibble them […]

Oklahoma Salvage by Martin Wilsey

Have You Ever Wanted to be a Villain?

January 25, 2021 dkeener 0

Have you ever wanted to be a villain? Have you wondered what type of villain you’d be? Well, I don’t have to wonder…because fellow author Martin Wilsey has imagined it for me. He made me a bad guy in his short story, Oklahoma Salvage, about shenanigans happening at a spaceship […]

Hourlings Writing Group

Introducing the Hourlings

January 12, 2021 dkeener 0

I’d like to introduce you to the Hourlings Writing Group. They’re a writing group in the Northern Virginia area which has been instrumental in my development as a writer. I’m one of the founding members of the group, from way back in 2013 when they were still called the Loudoun Science […]

Black Market Anthology: Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Black Market

December 23, 2020 dkeener 0

This is the cover reveal for the awesome wraparound cover of the Black Market anthology. This is the fifth anthology published by the Hourlings Writing Group, comprised of a passionate collection of SF and Fantasy writers in Northern Virginia. The theme of the anthology is, obviously, black markets. However, I […]

Hourlings Podcast E5: Happy Hourlings

Hourlings Podcast E5: Apocs, Santa, and Other Disasters (72m)

December 2, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 5 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (72 minutes) is now available. This was intentionally a free-form, Happy Hour event. A number of us had…ahem…adult beverages and, unlike our usual podcasts, we didn’t have a set agenda. So, we ended up talking about apocalypses, prepping for disasters, what we’re all […]

Hourlings Podcast E3: Finding the Time

Hourlings Podcast E3: Finding the Time (62m)

November 22, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 3 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (62 minutes) is now available. The episode’s primary topic is “Finding the Time,” or more specifically, finding the time to write. We also talked about NANOWRIMO, plus books and shows that have inspired us. Attendees this week included: David Keener (moderator) Erica Rue […]

Hourlings Podcast Project

Hourlings Podcast E2: World-Building (66m)

November 11, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 2 of The Hourlings Podcast Project (66 minutes) is now available. The attendees this time were: Martin Wilsey (moderator) David Keener S. C. Megale Stephanie Mirro Erica Rue Shelley Shearer We all got to share our thoughts on the Do’s and Don’ts of world-building. And had a lot of fun […]

Rappahannock Writers Conference 2020

Rappahannock Writers Conference 2020

November 10, 2020 dkeener 0

This past weekend, on November 7th, I attended the Rappahannock Writers Conference put on by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. It was the fourth year of the conference, and the first to be entirely virtual. The event was hosted by Zoom and there was something on the order of 150+ […]

Hourlings Podcast Project

Hourlings Podcast E1: Getting Started (56m)

November 9, 2020 dkeener 0

Episode 1 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (56 minutes) is now available on YouTube, on Channel 137, with video featuring Martin Wilsey, S. C. Megale, Jeffrey Jacobs, and myself. This one was more of a general discussion about science fiction and fantasy. Why Channel 137 you ask? Well, the number […]

Hourlings Podcast Project

New Podcast Project

November 1, 2020 dkeener 0

I’ve started working with Martin Wilsey on a new podcast project. It will be focused on the topic of writing and branded under the Hourlings writing group. We expect the podcast to adhere to the following basic format: Introductions Main Topic Secondary Topic (if time allows) What Inspires You? Wrap-Up […]