First Novel

Finished First Novel: Finders Keepers

September 16, 2020 dkeener 1

I guess it’s true. You do always remember the first time…you complete a novel. It feels weird, but today I technically finished my first novel, Finders, Keepers. The generally accepted definition of a novel is 40K words or longer, and my story hit just a tad over 42K words. So, […]

Hourlings Writing Group, Hosted With Zoom

The Future of Writing Groups

April 5, 2020 dkeener 0

The Hourlings writing group meets every Sunday without fail, and no pandemic is going to stop our meeting. Of course, certain realities obviously have to be taken into account…like the safety of our members. The last three meetings, including today’s meeting, shown above, have been conducted using the professional version […]

Coming Soon

Coming Soon (Lockdown Edition)

March 30, 2020 dkeener 0

Welcome to the Lockdown edition of my irregularly scheduled Coming Soon feature. I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, as I’m sure everybody else has, too. Like millions of other people, I’m in lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. And especially careful because my wife is one of those “at risk” […]

Hourlings Thumb

Badge of Honor: I’ve Been Pirated

February 22, 2020 dkeener 0

Well, I guess that the Hourlings, my writing group, and by extension, myself, have achieved a new badge of honor in the world of publishing. We’ve been pirated. And, no, I’m not going to say where, or provide the URL. I refuse to give bad actors any free advertising. Anyway, the […]

Pub Interior, Leonard Defrance

Forever Is Not Enough, Or How to Lose a Great Title

January 31, 2020 dkeener 0

Well, I have some…er…interesting news. Apparently great minds think alike. Some of you know that I’ve been working on the background for a themed anthology called The Forever House since early 2016. The concept is a shared setting, a sort of pan-dimensional tavern that can appear anywhere, and any time, […]

Road Trip - Draft Cover Image

Raw Cover for “Road Trip”

October 17, 2018 dkeener 0

This is a preview of the raw cover image for my story, Road Trip, which will be published in December. [Editor’s Note: Boy, I really screwed the pooch on THAT prediction.] [Editor’s Note 2: And THEN I decided not us use it as the cover image, after all.] Here’s the […]

David Keener Teaches Writing Fight Scenes

Writing Fight Scenes That Matter

October 6, 2018 dkeener 0

I ran my latest workshop, “Writing Killer Fight Scenes That Matter,” at Capclave 2018 on September 30. I had a lot of fun and the workshop was well received by the audience (I know this for sure, because I distributed a Workshop Evaluation Form at the end). At conventions, the […]

Selling Books with Tannhauser Press

Selling Books at Capclave 2018

October 3, 2018 dkeener 0

I’m standing with Martin Wilsey, the proprietor of Tannhauser Press at Capclave 2018. We had a nicely successful weekend selling books, with seventeen products on sale (and Square for taking credit card payments). Many thanks to all the people who stopped by our table, and especially to those who bought […]

About the Writing Life

September 25, 2018 dkeener 1

In case anyone is curious what the life of a writer is like, especially an indie-published writer. In addition to the Day Job, and looking for a new Day Job since the old contract is ending, I’m doing the following stuff for the writing side of the house: Edits on […]


Non-Superhero Comics: What’s Worth Reading?

May 30, 2018 dkeener 0

Every time you turn around, there’s another superhero movie playing at the local multiplex: Back Panther, Avengers, Thor, Deadpool, Justice League, etc. They’re all based on comic books. More specifically, superhero comic books. But…what if you’re not into superheroes? Or what if you like them just fine, but you’d like […]