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IngramSpark Hardcover Production

February 8, 2019 dkeener 0

I had a great training session on how to produce a hardcover with IngramSpark from fellow author Martin Wilsey today. Marty is also the publisher of Tannhauser Press, a small local press, so he’s gained quite a bit of experience producing trade paperbacks, mass market paperbacks, ebooks, audio books and […]


Workshop Coordinator for Capclave 2019

January 17, 2019 dkeener 0

I’m pleased to have been asked by Bill Lawhorn, of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), to be the Workshop Coordinator for Capclave 2019. WSFA is the organization that runs Capclave, an annual SF/Fantasy literary convention, and Bill is the Chair for Capclave 2019. I was pleased to accept the […]

Martin Wilsey at Work

Hand-Selling Books, a Master’s Approach

July 5, 2018 dkeener 0

My friend and fellow author Martin Wilsey is a master at hand-selling his books. This is a picture of him at his table at an event called Manassas Reads. Let’s examine for a moment why he’s so good at selling books at events like this one. There are no other […]

Post-Apocalyptic Stories: What Comes After the End?

May 27, 2018 dkeener 0

Everybody loves a good apocalypse. And there are lots of post-apocalyptic stories that are worth your attention. For the “Post-Apocalpytic Fiction” panel at Balticon, I compiled a list of some of the most memorable books, and a few movies, that deal with the topic. I gave the list away as […]


Amazon Kindle Tiers

September 12, 2017 dkeener 0

Amazon sells books in both print and ebook formats, but, frankly, most indie writers generate the bulk of their revenue from ebooks. Since most indie writers make the majority of their money on Amazon, this means the most indies are generating income from Kindle sales, borrows or page views through […]

Marathon Runner

Sprints vs. Marathons

August 23, 2017 dkeener 0

I’ve been in two writing groups for the last four years, both of which are open to new writers. At this point, I can’t tell you the number of times a new writer has arrived and said something like… “I’m writing a dystopian YA novel…” “I’m writing a werewolf urban […]

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

August 16, 2017 dkeener 0

I’ve been reading books on the craft and business of writing lately. One of the authors I’ve been reading is Susan Kaye Quinn, a successful, indie-published writer who creates YA fiction (and also writes a few craft-related books on the side). In particular, in her book, 10 Step Self-Publishing Boot […]

Signing Books

Writing Tips: Signing Books

July 19, 2017 dkeener 0

Shortly after you start publishing books, you learn that writers have another duty. When you appear at events, people want you to sign your books. More than that, they often want personalized dedications, often to a child or other loved one. Screech! Now, they paid for the book, so you […]