I’m a multi-tasking kind of person, thanks to my software developer heritage, so I tend to work on multiple stories at the same time. The effect is like having a pipeline full of stories in different stages of progress. Now that stories have begun exiting this metaphorical pipeline, they’re heading for different destinations. I’ve put a few online for free, some are starting to be published in different venues and others are destined to be indie published.


Most of my stories are novelettes (about 30 – 70 pages) or novellas (about 71 – 160 pages). Many of them are arranged into different fantasy or SF series.

Bitter Days

Bitter Days: Pageeda, a young beggar living on the streets of a grim port city, has lost her sister to some vicious kidnappers. She’ll do anything to get her back, even become a hero.

Length: 128 pages
Published: November, 2018

A Thousand Kingdoms story

The Good Book

The Good Book: Malcolm Jameson is planning to throw himself off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and hands him a magic book. Unsurprisingly, the book has a considerably different plan for Malcolm. And a bad attitude.

Length: 48 pages
Published: May, 2017
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The Whispering Voice

The Whispering Voice: Anna Brodie has a problem. She’s got to rob a bank, or a gang of criminals will kill her family. Desperately seeking a way out, she finds help…magical help…where she least expects it.

Length: 58 pages
Published: November, 2019

The Rooftop Game

The Rooftop Game: Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the infant Princess Analisa. Trapped by assassins, he finds a unique way to hold them off.

Length: 140 pages
Published: September, 2018

A Thousand Kingdoms story

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The nice thing about building a backlog of short stories, novelettes and novellas is that they’re starting to appear in various anthologies.

Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar

Second Round: Stories about a magic bar that appears in different times and places, with Gilgamesh as the bartender. My story is “The Whispering Voice,” about a mother, a deadly problem and a forgotten god.

Length: 300 pages
Published: June, 2018

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Worlds Enough: Fantastic Defenders

Worlds Enough: Fantastic Defenders: An anthology of five novelettes about heroes defending against fantastical threats. My story in this book is “The Rooftop Game.”

Length: 350 pages
Published: May, 2017
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Reliquary: An anthology on the theme of relics. My urban fantasy novelette, “Road Trip,” is included.

Length: 314 pages
Published: January, 2017

Check out the “interview” with Rocco Fitch, the hero of my story.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders: An anthology of stories about outsiders, from mysterious strangers to the odd to the mad. My contribution is an unusual fantasy crime story called “Death Comes to Town.”

Length: 350 pages
Published: December, 2019

The Curator: An Anthology

The Curator: Who is the Curator? How did the Curator end up dying in a high-tech cargo container filled with priceless works of art? My story is a military SF heist story called “Clash by Night.”

Length: 348 pages
Published: December, 2018

Character interviews: Emily Dunkirk and Carlitos Paiva.

Tranquility and Other Myths

Tranquility and Other Myths: An anthology of seventeen short stories, including my own “Winter Roses, ” a short fantasy story from my Thousand Kingdoms story cycle.

Length: 269 pages
Published: April, 2017


I enjoy the long-neglected art of storytelling, and sometimes craft stories specifically designed to be presented to live audiences. They are often distinctly different than more traditional stories aimed at printed distribution, since voice, gestures and staging are key components of “performing” a story. Some of my storytelling sessions have been recorded and are available on YouTube.

Crossing the Chasm - By David Keener

Crossing the Chasm: A mighty warrior on a treasure-seeking quest encounters an unexpected ordeal in which his physical skills, weapons and magical artifacts are useless. What, then, is a warrior to do?

Length: 5 pages
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Foreclosure: A Halloween Story in 101 Words

Foreclosure: Little Johnny goes trick-or-treating. He’s not the only one. A Halloween story in just 101 words (counting the title).

Length: 101 words
Published: May, 2017

The Match - by David Keener

The Match: A man engages in an unusual high-stakes wager in order to support his family during the height of the Great Depression. Historical, based on a true story.

Length: 6 pages
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Learn more about Robert Hjort, the star of the story.

Winter Roses - By David Keener

Winter Roses: The young heir to the mountainous Cragenrath Kingdom thought he’d met the love of his life. Instead, he got a lesson in crime, betrayal, magic and revenge.

A short story from the Thousand Kingdoms setting.

Length: 5 pages
Published: June 2015