Writing Exercises

Writing Exercises - From the Hourlings

Starting in the fall of 2018, I began regularly providing writing exercises for my writing group, the Hourlings, an intermediate/advanced SF and Fantasy writing group based in the Northern Virginia area. The group typically critiques up to five pieces from members every week, but sometimes we don’t have five items to review.

As a writing group, we thought filling the gaps with short writing exercises was a capital idea. So, here are the Hourlings Writing Exercises…

PDF 1. Stepping Off the Bus: Your character is stepping off a bus. What do they see? What does the reader learn about the character?
PDF 2. Blurb Writing: Blurbs can be painful to create. Here’s an exercise to enhance your blurb generation skills.
PDF 3. Ideation Mashup: Having trouble coming up with ideas for stories? Here’s a simple exercise to help you generate story ideas.