Hourlings Podcast 13: Writing a Series

Hourlings Podcast E13: Writing a Series (26m)

January 16, 2021 dkeener 0

Episode 13 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (26 minutes) is now available on YouTube. This episode’s topic is “Writing a Series,” in which our awesome writers describe the ins and outs of open-ended series, trilogies, and “same universe, different characters” series. Also covered are some of the ramifications for series […]


Novelette Series: Entertaining, Fast and Just Enough Plot

January 6, 2018 dkeener 1

I’ve written about this before, about how I’ve always liked novelettes and, sometimes, their slightly longer cousin, the novella. The annual Hugo Awards for SF classify novelettes as stories between 7501 – 17,500 words (roughly 30 to 70 pages in a mass market paperback). Novellas run from 17,501 to 40,000 […]